A letter from George – Kenya #1

Every letter that we receive from George can be his last one. My parents have been sponsoring Georgie for almost 17 years and now he is almost 22 years old and will graduate from the project soon. He studies in vocational school to become a electrician and his letters are often kind of the same, but not this one!

Here’s what he wrote us in February (it took so long to get here!):

Dear Family H. Swager,

Receive my … Christian greetings. I hope you are doing well together with your family members,
my family members are doing well too.
I am very grateful for the Christmas gift that I received from you. May the Lord continue blessing you for that.
The weather in our country is hot and we are experiencing some dry weather.
Water is a problem but we still thank God for the little that we have.
Say hello to your family members. Tell them I treasure them so much.
I am grateful for the letter I received. It really encouraged me to hear that you are fine in the Netherlands.
My family is so happy for that.

Thank you and may God bless you. Goodbye.




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