A letter from Gicel – Mexico #1


See here the very first letter from my beautiful Gicel in Mexico! I’ve been writing with her since December 2016 but I haven’t had any letters from her yet, until now. The letter is from March 6, 2017. She writes on the My Family template, because although she is 8 years old, she probably can’t write by herself yet. This is what she writes.

1. In my family I spend the most time with: My mom.
2. My family lives in the urban/rural area: Rural area.
3. My way to help in my family is: Nursing my sibling.
4. My food is prepared by: My mom.
5. My favorite thing to do with my family is: Playing volleybal.
6. I want to tell you: My secret (and then she doesn’t write what it is… what a funny girl…)
7. Please pray for: Me and my family.

I know it isn’t much, but I already know more about her than before the letter!



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