A letter from Senait – Ethiopia #2

Only a month after the last letter, I received another one! I am happy to see she is opening up to me a little bit more already and the coolest thing? She’s a soccer player too!

Dear sponsor,

How are you doing? I am fine. I am happy to know from your letter that you are fine.
I hope you like your new house. I am happy to know you are supporting many people.
It doesn’t require money to help other people, it is a heart that is required.
I am playing soccer and I am the leader 7 in the soccer team.
We are not currently playing soccer.
With regards to your question, I am waiting for the 10th grade national exam results.
My family and friends are doing well. I like the drawings you sent me, they express nature.
What makes you happy? How is your family doing? Please keep in touch.
I will pray for your success. Thank you a lot, goobye.

Good question… what makes you happy?

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