A letter from Senait – Ethiopia #3

I was hoping Senait would open up to me a bit more, and wow, look at this! Without even asking, she taught me a lot about the Ethiopian culture. The ‘Senait’ she refers to is a former classmate from Ethiopia, I told this little girl about that.

Dear sponsor,

How are you doing? My family and I are doing well. Thank you a lot for your letter. It is no longer difficult to know where you live. You can know a lot about Ethiopia from you Ethiopian friend Senait. We do have a unique culture. Our clothing is unique and it is made by handcraftsmen called ‘shemane’. Ethiopian traditional clothes are mostly sold at a place called ‘shiro meda’. The mosts common food is called ‘injera’ and it is made from a crop called ‘teff’. Senait can tell you more. Your mom and your brothers love food (?). You have come to know the meaning of ‘Senait’. It is a Ge’ez’ word. Its meaning is ‘good’. I like my name. It was my mom who gave me this name. Ge’ez is an ancient Ethiopian language. Currently it is used only in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. I heard that there is a Masters Program in Ge’ez in a German university. I know little words from Ge’ez. Ethiopian Orthodox churches celebrate Easter after fasting for 60 days. I hope we will celebrate Easter happily soon. It will be celebrated on the 8th of April. Our house was demolished. A new house was built for us. I have placed toys in my room. I will tell you another time in the future. I love you, bye.

It was the first time she wrote me she loved me, so precious! Oh, how I love this far-away girl.


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