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​My name is Mariëlle, but most people call me Mur or Mariela because that is easier. I think at this time you’ve already discovered where my blog is about: Guatemala. I am a 22 year old girl from the west coast of the Netherlands. In 2015 I visited Guatemala for the first time for a three week voluntary project in San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango. Until that point I always thought that ‘falling in love with a country’ was impossible. But I did. I fell in love. I can almost hear you think: in three weeks? Yeah, in three weeks Guatemala became my home, my heart. Unfortunately I had to leave my new friends behind for a year to go back to school, but this summer I packed my bags and hopped on a plane to La Aurora International Airport again!

This time my destination was Cubulco, Baja Verapaz. I hoped Guatemala would still be as pretty as I left it… and it was. I spent three weeks in El Centro Medico Cristiano Señorita Helena to help renovating houses for doctors. Once again I did not want to leave at all, but I had to.

When I came back home I searched for a way to be able to go to Guatemala for a longer period of time. Fortunately, I had to pick a minor for school and I came across one that is called ‘Working in development countries’. I applied. I got in. And that is where we are now. I’ve been living in Guatemala since April 6 and I love every second of my life here.

Through this blog I want to share my passion for Guatemala and I would love to show you how beautiful it is in el país de la eterna primavera, the land of the eternal spring.

Join me on this adventure!


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