Children of AMG: Roselyne

Roselyne Alexandra
Age: 12
Birthday: January 8, 2005
Country: Guatemala
Sponsoring since: July 6, 2017

Roselyne lives with her parents and older sister in Guatemala City. Her father works as a salesman and her mother is a housewife, currently looking for a job. They have their own home. Roselyne studies in sixth grade, likes to play basketball and her favorite class is math. She would like to become a veterinarian one day.

The story behind Rosie’s sponsorship is a special one. Every Friday I train a group of girls from Verbena with Champions in Action. Roselyne is one of these girls and she always works as hard as she can and I can see her skills improve every week. After my parents came to visit me here in Guatemala, we decided we wanted to sponsor two kids in Verbena that were hard to find a sponsor for. AMG connected us to Eimy and Luis but the same day I discovered Roselyne was the only girl from the football team that was not completely sponsored yet. Although I am a student without a regular income, I decided that Roselyne would be my child until she graduates from high school. So, from now on, Roselyne can go to school and camp and she can receive all the care she needs with a little help from me and her Heavenly Father. And the most awesome thing is that she will see her sponsor walking around at her school every day!

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