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Costa Rica #2: Heroes in the clouds

Due to the overwhelming views of my first post about Costa Rica, I’ve decided to write a second one. Nah, kidding, I already planned on doing that, but it is always nice to know people read it! Here we go!

Monteverde Inn
After spending the night at Catarata del Toro, we travelled all day to the beautiful town of Monteverde. The weather was absolutely terrible, since we were in the middle of the rainy season. The trip to Monteverde was a bumpy one, because the road slowly turned into a river due to the heavy rain! Early in the evening we arrived at our hotel Monteverde Inn, about ten minutes outside of the center. Because it was already pitch dark and freezing cold, we went to bed right after dinner. Our shoes were still soaking wet from walking through the Blue River in Catarata, so our feet were freezing too.
The next morning we woke up and couldn’t believe our eyes. What a beautiful place! Our room was located on the second floor of the hotel and the view we had over the mountains and the Gulf of Nicoya was amazing. It was very quiet because we were the only guests in the hotel and we had breakfast while a white-nosed coati was running around, trying to steal food. Unfortunately, the rain clouds ruined our perfect view right after breakfast. Monteverde Inn is an absolute must-stay when you’re staying in Monteverde. Owner Jonah is very kind, helpful and always in for some small talk. Through the receptionist we booked a trip to the Selvatura Park to take a hike over the hanging bridges…

White-nosed coati

Our cozy room in Monteverde Inn

Hanging bridges in Selvatura Park, Monteverde
Early in the morning a small van picked us up for free from our hotel in the outskirts of Monteverde. We were surprised to see we were the only ones in the van but as they say in my lovely Holland: “Don’t cheer too early”. Not even halfway we were terrorized by a group of slightly overweight, old, adventurous Belgians. You know, the kind that wears Teva sandals, Human Nature wind jackets, colored sunglasses and polyester, khaki-colored three quarter shorts. The kind that rose from the dead and relives a second youth, being completely free and independent, but has actually carefully planned every step of the trip through TripAdvisor and what not. And anyone who knows me, knows that a Belgian accent makes my ears bleed. So there we were, thinking we were finally freed from the Europeans… nope. But anyway, I promised to write about the Hanging Bridges in Selvatura, so here we go. After a terrifying trip with the Belgians, we arrived at the park. With soaking shoes we started our tour through the national park and – believe it or not – the Belgians did too. For all my Dutch readers over here, the perfect description of the couple chasing us would be kortpittig. While we tried to get rid off the couple, that wanted to take a picture of every bridge but only if we were not on it, we hoped to see some incredible wildlife. The eight suspension bridges were amazing and for as long as the trip lasted, we felt like we were walking right through a scene of the Jungle Book. We didn’t see a lot of wildlife other than some lost Belgians, butterflies and hummingbirds, but we did enjoy the tour very much. Some bridges scared the beejebus out of us and made our hearts beat in our toes, but we safely made it to the end. Selvatura Park is absolutely beautiful and when you find yourself in Monteverde, go see it!

Don’t look down!

Cloud Forest
The day after our adventure in the Selvatura Park we decided that we hadn’t seen enough national parks yet, we we tried to take the bus from downtown Monteverde to the Cloud Forest. After waiting for almost an hour, no bus showed up. Maybe because it was Sunday, maybe because there is actually never a bus going to the forest in low season. After being ripped off by our taxi driver (“Cloud Forest lodge, you say? 1000 colones. Oh, the forest itself? 5000 colones”) we finally made it to the park. Full of enthusiasm we began our long hike through the forest, hunting wildlife. The first half hour was fun, because the trail was easy, the sun was out and there were some other people spotting wildlife with us. But after that half hour, the trail became muddy, the sun dissappeared and the thick clouds landed down on the trees. There was no sign of life to be found, other than sudden rustles next to us. A monkey? A bird? A POEMA? The deeper we hiked into the forest, the creepier it got. We could barely see the end of the trail and we had no idea what kind of animals were watching us. Luckily, Megan had her selfie stick with her in case we would have to fight a giant beast. Our pace got faster and faster, just like our heartbeats as we could finally see the beginning of the forest again. Cloud Forest, I think you are beautiful, but you scare the living daylights out of me. When we got back at the reception we went into the restaurant for a quick bite, where we saw what kind of animals we could find in the forest. A poema! I told you! Just a little advice: don’t skip the Cloud Forest. But always take your selfie stick with you.

Even this picture make my heart race again…


The picture of the Cloud Forest was made by Florent Mechain by

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