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Do: Flying Like Superman

When you find yourself in Antigua and you’re in for an exciting experience, I suggest you pay a visit to our friends at Antigua Canopy Tours. For ‘only’ 318Q – about 41 euros – they take you on a great canopy tour through the forrest right across a volcano named Agua. On your tour, you will be accompanied by two guides, one that always goes in front of the group to make sure everyone gets safely off the cable and another one who travels behind the group to secure everyone for their ride. The canopy tour is completely safe, but before you start you’ll have to sign a form that says the company can not be held responsable if anything happens to you. Although that sounds a little scary, I did not feel unsafe for one moment. Before the tour starts, you get a heavy harness, a helmet, gloves and knee protectors and an instruction on how to use your gear. You will be attached to two separate cables to make sure you can’t fall off.

At the end of the tour you can choose to do the last track as a Superman or you can just ‘sit’. If you choose to do the Superman, you will get an extra harness so they can secure your feet to the cables too. It is very scary at first, but when you are actually flying face forward over the trees, roads and waters you can do nothing but enjoy it! I highly recommend doing the Superman too, because it comes right after the moment when you think the zipline is becoming a bit boring.

There are three different options to spend your morning with Antigua Canopy Tours. You can either choose between the zipline and a canyon tour, you can do both or you can choose to stay on the ground an only hike through the forrest. Funny thing is that you pay about 10 euros more when you are not from Central America. Call it discrimination if you want, but that’s how a lot of things here in Guatemala work.


Finca Filadelfia, 150 meters north of the church of San Felipe de Jesús,
La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.

Canopy or Canyon tour – between $35 and $50
Canopy and Canyon tour – between $55 and $70
Forrest trail – $10 or $15

The guy starts flying at 2:42!

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