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DO: Xetulul y Xocomil

Although the doctor said I had to rest for a couple of weeks, I had absolutely no time to follow his advice. This weekend Megan and I were invited to go to Xetulul and Xocomil in Retalhuleu with Gary, Rachel, Jen, American Rachel and little Xavi. On Saturday they picked us up around 7 in the morning, because Retalhuleu is actually pretty far away. We were all very excited because Sam had told us that he loved Xocomil and when Sam says he loves something, it must be cool.

As early as it was, we were all full of energy when we got into the big van. Only an hour later all of our energy quickly drained from our bodies when we got so stuck in traffic that all three of the passengers in the car in front of us got out to take a piss. We did not move at all for at least half an hour and we slowly saw all of the opportunities to make it to Xetulul in time fly out of the window. During our five (!) hour ride to Retalhuleu Xavi decided to annoy Megan and me to the fullest by throwing everything he had on us. His toys, his bottles, his cookies, blankets, phone, flashlight, everything. On the other hand, we did have an amazing view on all the volcanos we passed by while Xavi occasionally shoved his feet up in Megans nose. Around one we finally arrived at Xetulul, a giant amusement park in the humid and extremely hot jungle of Retalhuleu. The park closed at four, so we didn’t have a lot of time to discover the entire park. Megan, Jen, Rachel and I quickly ran into the park, where we soon found out we didn’t have the right ticket. In our best Spanish we tried to figure out how to get the right one that allowed us to get into the cool water ride and the stomach twisting rollercoaster. One hour later we finally managed to change our regular ticket into a white one and then finally the fun could start too. The burning sun quickly dissappeared under a thick blanket of clouds and the rain started pooring down from heaven. Rachel and Jen convinced me to risk my life by getting on board of the ‘Avalancha’, a crazy looking rollercoaster with so many loopings that I already became nauseous before I even got through the entrance. With shaking legs I locked myself into the little rollercoaster train with a big smiling Jen next to me. “You’ll be fine.” What on earth am I doing here?! We slowly took off until I could almost tickle a cloud. Great, what a nice view, was my last thought until I drove right into hell.

After two loopings, three side-way-loopings and a few times that I almost passed out the ride was finally over. My lord, my first rollercoaster was a good one! I was extremely dizzy when I got out but I tried to casually hide it so I wouldn’t fall back on the train and had to go through it again. The next hours I was so shaky that I had trouble staying on my feet. We kind of got addicted to the water ride thingie that you can also build in Rollercoaster Tycoon, if you know what I mean. We didn’t have a lot of time, so after a few attractions it was time to head back to the little bungalow we rented (El Jardin, Retalhuleu). We were so tired that we all took a little nap. Some of us were so tired that they were impossible to wake up (uch, Megan). After a game of Settlers of Catan with the Rachels and Gary, it was time to call it a night.

The next morning I woke up super excited again because today… WE WERE GOING TO XOCOMIL! Everyone who knew we were going to this amazing waterpark was super excited for us because apparently Xocomil is the coolest thing you can visit in Guatemala. We arrived at the park at 8:30 already because, according to Sam, it’s better to go before all of the pools are filled with pee and sunscreen. Our first slide was immediately our favorite: El Caracol, the snail. After speeding down from a high tower, you are launched into a big funnel where you fly around a few rounds and end in a big pool beneath the funnel. We were so excited about this one that we did it four times before we discovered there were actually more awesome slides in the park. It is hard to explain how awesome Xocomil is, so I’ve tried to add some videos of the toboganes, the waterslides. If you ever come to Guatemala: visiting Xocomil is totally worth it!

Sunday afternoon we drove all the way back to the city. We were all so exhausted that we fell asleep in the car. Only 24 hours until the Dutch invasion world arrive! But first: sleep. Like many of the days here, it was a day to remember.

Check out some of the cool waterslides here:

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    Yolanda Swager
    18 July 2017 at 12:13

    wat een durfal ben jij zeg, ongelooflijk.
    van mij had je echt niet gemogen ( als ik de filmpjes van te voren had gezien), te eng gewoon.
    Die glijbaan op zo’n matje, dat ken nog net!
    wat maak je een hoop onwijs leuke dingen mee joh.
    zie uit naar je volgende blog.
    iedereen is wild enthousiast over alles wat en vooral hoe je schrijft.
    Oma en tante Nies volgen alles op de voet door onze uitdraai in het Nederlands.

    xx mam

    • Reply
      22 July 2017 at 18:27

      Was allemaal niet zo gevaarlijk hoor! Heb alleen geen vlees meer over op m’n billetjes van zo’n stom rooster in het midden van de glijbaan. Ging er vol met m’n zitvlees overheen! Zal vandaag de Nederlandse blog wat bijwerken, schaam me kapot met m’n twee-weken-niet-geüpdate-Daily-Dutch…

  • Reply
    23 July 2017 at 00:37

    […] wat soms een stuk enger was dan dat het klinkt. Voor een kleine impressie stuur ik je door naar DO: Xetulul y Xocomil. We hebben echt ontzettend veel lol gehad en ik heb heel wat angsten overwonnen. Bij elke glijbaan […]

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