Meet Megan!

Megan is finally here!

As I wrote before, there was another intern coming to Guatemala to work with AMG. And now she is here! Her name is Megan and I wanted to write a little blogpost about her since I will probably mention her in all of the upcoming posts. She arrived yesterday evening so she hasn’t been here for very long yet, but she already had a really tough day today! If you want to know what kind of horrible thing I already dragged her through today, you should read my next blog. It was not the greatest beginning of half a year in Guate!

So, Megan is 24 years old, almost 25, and she will be teaching English at Verbena, the school where I work too. She will probably also teach some sports classes in the afternoons, since teaching English all day will be very tough now that she doesn’t speak Spanish very well. Yet. She is from Groningen, which is basically on the other end of the country from where I used to live, and before she came here we actually only met once… In 2016 she went to San Juan Ostuncalco on a World Servants trip, where she worked on the same school as I did the year before. So we share the passion for Guatemala now. Yesterday we also finally moved into our own new ‘apartment’, which looks super awesome! I will post some new pictures of it soon, hopefully tomorrow, because we have finally settled down.

Megan and I will hopefully also travel a lot together, starting this weekend as we are going to Retalhuleu to enjoy the waterpark Xocomil and the nearby amusement park Xetulul. In September we are taking it to the next level as we are traveling to Costa Rica!

So this is a bit about my friend Megan, but you will probably get to know her better through my next posts!

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