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New adventure, new stories – USA

Hello again, dear reader! It has been almost a year since I wrote my last story and I have to say, I really need to get back on track with my writing. And I have every reason to do so, because I am about to go on a new adventure…

From June 30 until September 28 I will finally get to cross off the forever number one on my travel bucket list: the United States of America! Or well, most likely only four out of 50 states but I will be in the USA.

What’s the plan?

For the first 10 weeks of my stay in the US I will work as a volunteer for Operation Mobilisation in Florence, South Carolina. In my first year of college (2015) I worked as an intern for the Dutch office of Operation Mobilisation (OM) and that’s when I first learned about the awesome ministry in Florence. Florence is home to the OM Ships book ministry, which basically means there’s a giant center where thousands of Christian books are sorted, packed and made ready to send into the world. Most of these books will be send to the Logos Hope, a huge ships that sails from country to country to share the Word of God with people from all around the world. Words of hope and love that every person in the world should hear. Since the start of OM Ships in 1970, over 47 million (!) people have visited the ships. Now, if every visitor would buy a book… that would be a lot of books to pack.

The Logos Hope in 60 seconds!

So for the first ten weeks that will most likely be my job. I will serve in this ministry to help pack, sort and send out books that will hopefully change lives forever. And that’s why I think this ministry is so cool. Every book you touch in the center can be the start of a new life with God. And that’s not the only thing that makes me want to serve in this ministry. There will also be many other volunteers from all around the world. From Germany to the Faroe Islands and from South Korea to South Africa. I look forward to meeting other Christians with their own culture, language, food and ways of serving God and I am very excited to work together, pray together, live together and have fun together (hopefully). And besides that, we will also discover the American culture together!

This amazing new adventure will start this Sunday. I will fly from Amsterdam to New York, from New York to Charlotte (NC) and from Charlotte to Florence (SC). Which will already be an adventure on its own because I hate flying. I don’t know what my days in Florence will look like yet or how much time I will have to update you on my new experiences but I will do my best to write a few times a week.

Can you spot Florence?

After Florence

When my time at OM ends I am not done with the USA yet! After these first ten weeks I will hopefully visit some friends, have some fun at the Niagara Falls and end my time in the US with a week in New York. I flew all the way across the Atlantic, I might as well make full use of it, right? And yes, I will update you on that as well, as much as I can.

My bags are packed, let’s do this!

Image by kdbearden72 via Pixabay
Featured image by Ronile via Pixabay

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